Enviromental Engineering

The environmental group at MET has worked with clients from the public and private sectors providing environmental planning, permitting and compliance for highways and toll roads, commercial land development and federal projects, as well as for oil and natural gas exploration and production. 

Quality engineering solutions, exceptional service, and our expert staff make MET (MET Resources LLC) the preferred choice for solving environmental challenges faced by facility owners and managers, governments, quasi-governmental agencies, and the private sector.

MET’s approach enables our Environmental Engineering team to handle all aspects of an environmental project from initial investigation through project closeout. Our performance and dedicated personnel ensure the delivery of quality engineering solutions for every environmental engineering project client.

MET’s environmental expertise certifications include:

  • Registered professionals in many areas of environmental engineering

Environmental engineering services MET provides:

  • Phase I & II environmental site assessments 
  • Remedial design and specification preparation services 
  • Construction oversight UST and AST investigation 
  • Wetland delineation 
  • Building hazardous materials surveys and specifications for abatement
  • Pollution prevention 
  • USACE Permitting & Mitigation
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Environmental Compliance Management & Inspections
  • Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasures Plans
  • Petroleum Storage Tank Services